There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Inter: between. Sistere: to stand. Interstitial writing breaks rules, transgresses boundaries, and cross-pollinates the fields of literature. Working between, across, through, and around the borders of literary forms, it falls between the cracks of other movements, terms, and definitions. We are looking for work that blurs the lines between literary genres (contemporary realism, mystery, historical, fantasy, speculative fiction, westerns), as well as pieces that bridge fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry.

We buy first world print exclusive English-language rights for six months (year's best anthologies excepted). After that period, the author may publish the work elsewhere. We hope to archive all work on the site as long as Interfictions exists, but if requested, we will remove it once the six-month period has passed. 

We are currently closed to submissions. Submissions for Issue 4 will open in Fall 2014.

Guidelines for each category can be found by clicking "show guidelines" in the sections below.

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Interfictions Online is a bi-annual journal, publishing an issue each Spring and Fall. 

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